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Legacy Technology utilizes know-how, product knowledge and expertise to provide technological solutions for the pulp and paper manufacturing industry. 

We provide parts, service and upgrade migration for your existing Impact Systems, Voith Paper Automation, Krieger, Solaronics, IRT and Red-Ray systems. Additionally, we have taken the best technology available to provide new system architectures that will improve productivity and cost savings for the immediate and future requirements.

Our combined century worth of experience has allowed us to provide our customers with the state of the art solutions for their most demanding requirements. Our open architecture has given us the ability to supply system architectures that allow ease of integration with other equipment manufacturers.  

We have developed off the shelf upgrades to your aging systems.  These cost effective approaches has aided our customers in not only reducing their costs of maintenance but has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in not replacing their complete systems.  

Our service and consulting program has aided many customers in reducing their overall maintenance costs along with a more effective operating system(s).  In many cases our services has saved thousands of dollars in operating costs due to properly tuning a system which in turns reduces energy costs.

Contact us today to find out how we can improve your operations and save money.    
Legacy Technology Ph: 303.663.9900 Fx: 303.663.9901 Email: info@legacytech.com