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Impact/Voith Burners: We can provide all the burners and other parts for your Impact/Voith gas IR systems at far less prices than the OEM.  We also have new technology to improve the performance, effeciencies and reduce maintenance costs.  We have burner technology utilyzing metal fiber, ceramic fiber and ported ceramics to fit your application needs.

Contact us today for specific burner technology to fit your application.
Solaronics Burners: We can provide burners, misc. parts and service to support your Solaronics gas system.  Our burner technology, ported ceramics, out perform the Gem7 and Gem9 burners without retuning your system.  All burners are built to perform up to 2100F/1150C.  Under normal conditions our burners have an expected lift of 3 to 5 years.  

Contact us today for more information and to see how much you can save.
Krieger Burners: We have a full line of burners to fit your Krieger systems.  Energy output of our burners are between 7kw and 9kw of power with higher effeciencies of your existing Krieger burners.  Additionally, the life expectancy of our burners is 3 to 5 years.  We can provide a full line of parts and service to support you Krieger gas systems.

Contact us today to see how you can improve your operating effeciencies.
Custom Burners: Due to our extensive knowledge of Infrared Burner Technologies we are capable of building custom burners to your specifications.  We can build burners from an array of materials including: metal fiber, ceramic fiber, and ported ceramics.  Temperature ranges up to 2100F/1150C with effeciencies in excess of 60%.  

Call or email us today with your specifications.
Burner Technology
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